Generate Banner Creative Code

If you have added creative assets to the offer, there will be a dropdown field below the tracking link field that will let you select the desired creative:

When the creative is selected, a text box will appear with the generated creative ad tag code for the affiliate and offer. Any additional parameters like sub ids, source values that have been added in this panel will be updated in the creative ad tag as well. The ad tag will include the affiliates tracking link and corresponding impression pixel for display banners types so impressions can be tracked right away.

Once a tracking link has been generated, you have the option to email the link to anyone. Click "Email Tracking Link" and the next page will let you specify the email address that you want to email the link to.

Generate a Tiny URL

Shorten URLs and hide affiliate tracking information by checking the box next to 'Generate Tiny URL'. The tracking link will automatically update with a hashed version of the parameters in the original tracking link. For example, a standard tracking link like:


Will be converted into something like:


If you generate a tiny URL and later add an additional parameter in the generate panel, such as a sub ID, or offer URL, the URL will regenerate to a new URL to encrypt the new parameter:


converts to:


You can also append unencrypted parameters to a tiny URL if you are looking to pass dynamic values into HasOffers. For example, if you want to pass a sub ID on click, you can append that to the end of the encrypted URL:


When generating tiny URLs, please allow several minutes for the tiny URL to be propegated to the ad servers and the tracking link will go live.

Viewing Existing Tiny URL Hashes

If you are looking to trace back what hashed URLs point to, you can view all previously created tiny URLs by going to Offers > Tiny URLs. This list will show all the hashed values and the value that it is encrypting:

To quickly find the redirect string, select ‘Hash’ from the search dropdown and paste in the hashed value from the URL. This will return the redirect quickly as reference.

When using tiny URL the link must be less than 500 characters or the destination will be cut off.

Add Sub IDs

Sub IDs are most commonly used to pass on user information or store values in the session. Affiliates and Advertisers that have their own tracking platforms often need a method of reconciling the conversions their systems record with those recorded in HasOffers. Sub IDs use alphanumeric values and are only tracked down to the conversion level.

To add a sub ID field to a tracking link, check the ‘Add Sub ID’ box and a test input will appear. You can put in some static text and click update, or click outside the box and the tracking link will update with the sub ID at the end of the tracking link. It will look something like:


This will pass the value ‘demo’ to the ad servers to be stored for this session. You can pass up to five sub IDs into a tracking link, and they are named respectively aff_sub, aff_sub2, aff_sub3, aff_sub4, and aff_sub5.

If you need to add more than one sub id to the tracking link, click 'More Sub IDs' under the text field, and four more sub id fields will appear. Clicking update to each field will update the tracking link with the value from the field. You don’t need to add the sub ID values to the tracking link through the generate tracking link section exclusively, these can be added manually at anytime. Each sub ID value can contain up to 500 characters.

Add Source ID

Source IDs are an easy way to attach information about various traffic sources for a tracking links. They can be found in any tracking report, down to the impression level and they are a great way for affiliates to keep track of their various campaigns. To add a source value to the tracking link, click ‘Add Source’ and enter the value, then click Update. You can also add a source value to any tracking link by adding this parameter:


Generate an Impression Pixel

Tracking impressions for an offer is simple, simply click the box by Impression Pixel, and copy the code provided and place it on the page where the tracking link is found. Impression pixels will be automatically included in all creative code generated. The impression pixel only tracks impressions and doesn't redirect to the offer URL. If you have the offer to start tracking at impression, then this pixel is required to track session conversions.

On top of all the features described above, HasOffers provides some much more advanced features that can help you modify and use your affiliate tracking link to your liking:

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