Adding a Text Link

Text Links

Text links are a common and simple creative that users can quickly grab and promote throughout the web. This is most commonly used in contextual advertising platforms like Adwords and Facebook ads where text ads are the most prominent. Having this creative is ideal for affiliates as it usually provides converting text in the creative that has proven to drive clicks. Text links are very simple, they are basically a call-to-action text wrapped in an anchor tag that contains the affiliate tracking link.

Adding a Text Link

To add a text link, go to Offers > Creative Files and click ‘Add Creative.’ On the next page, select what offer(s) that you want to add the link to. Give the text link creative a name and if you want to make the creative private. This will remove the creative from the affiliates interface.

To have the text link creative insert the tracking link for each affiliate, you need to add the tracking link macro so that this can be done dynamically for each affiliate:

{tracking_link} - or - {etracking_link}

By adding this macro to the anchor tag, the system will replace with the generated tracking for the affiliate, along with any additional sub IDs, variables or other parameters they add. The {etracking_link} option will generate an encoded tracking link for the affiliate which is usually suited for when the tracking link is being added as a click macro in another system’s tracking link.

Here is what a standard text link template looks like:

<a href=”{tracking_link}”>Click Here!</a>

The macro value will be dynamically replaced with the affiliates own tracking link in their own interface. Of course, replace the ‘Click Here!’ text with your own.

Have Link Open in New Window

If you want the user to be taken to a new tab/window in the browser, you simply need to add a target attribute to the anchor tag. Here is an example of how this is done:

<a href=”{tracking_link}” target=”_blank”>Click Here!</a>
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