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If Two Affiliates Refer a Sale, Who Gets the Credit?

Our tracking system is designed to use the "Last-Click" tracking method. This means that the last affiliate to refer the person to the conversion page will receive the conversion credit. In the event that an existing session for the same offer exists, your ad server will overwrite the existing session with the new session, and this includes the affiliate ID for the session. A different offer ID will mean a different tracking session and will not apply to the last-click method.

Is It Possible to Have Two Offer Pixels On the Same Conversion Page?

Yes, just place both pixels on the thank you page and one of them will record a conversion depending on what the user has set in their tracking cookie. The conversion will only record for the offer the cookie is active for.

Why Are My Conversions Getting Auto-Rejected?

There are a few reasons for conversion to be auto rejected based on settings you have set in your system. First to view the reason for the conversion's rejection, view the conversion report by hovering the report tab and clicking on the conversion report.
Next, in the top of the conversion report you will see an options menu, select the option "status message" in the data section of the options menu, this provides the reason for the status in the report.
One common reason will be "no referral URL" this shows when you have enforce conversion referral URL enabled, this setting requires that a conversion be made with a referral URL, if your browser is blocking referrals, or you are firing the pixel in your browser, no referral will track and thus yours conversion will be rejected. you can disable it by going to company tab-> customize application->tracking settings->enforce conversion referrals URL->disable.
The second most common reason is "Duplicate conversion" this displays when a conversion is made multiple times with the same transaction ID and the setting "Multiple conversions" is disabled within the offer.

With HTTPS offers
If your conversion pixel is setup to use HTTPS, you will run into errors as the HTTPS protocol does not store referral URLs in the headers. It would be recommended that this feature is disabled if you are running secure offers.

Why Do I Have A "This Offer Has No Conversions..." Prompt Above My Tracking Pixel?

If you see this prompt abouve your offer page:

This offer has no conversions. You need to place Tracking Code to record conversions. Use the Test link to test the offer and ensure conversion tracking is setup properly.

This simply means that there have been no conversions that have been recorded for that offer, and does not imply that there is any issue with your settings or tracking. If your conversion pixel/postback has been placed, then run a test conversion to see that it tracks properly. Once that first conversion comes in, then this prompt will disappear.

API vs. Server Postback for Creating Conversions?

Using the API Call ‘Conversion:Create’ will not replicate the same functionality as a normal conversion would using our tracking servers. Instead of using the API, you should be using the Server Postback URLs that are for the ad servers. These Server Postback URLs are defined in the tracking code for each offer or goal.

For example: Your offer is set up to use Server Postback with Transaction ID as the tracking protocol.
Server Postback for offer (or default goal):{transaction_id}

Goals use a different URL format than the default goal (offer conversion tracking). Server Postback URL for goal:{transaction_id}

By default the payout and revenue have to be defined in the application. But you can enable a setting to be able to set it in the Server Postback URLs above. To do so go to Company>Customize Application>Tracking. You will see Specify Amount on Conversion, set this to enabled.

Server Postback URL for offer (default goal):{transaction_id}&payout=&revenue=

Server Postback URL for goal:{transaction_id}&payout=&revenue=

You can also have the tracking servers return back the response in a json format by included &format=json:{transaction_id}&payout=&revenue=&format=json

When using the Server Postback URLs for the offers instead of the reporting API to create conversions, the tracking servers will look up the sub id information specified on click and include it when recording the conversion for the goal.

Why is Enforce Conversion Referral Rejecting My Conversions?

We store referrer data for each conversion and I have noticed that we have recorded 15 sales so far coming from some of our affiliates. But in hasoffers it shows most of them as rejected, while some are not recorded at all. The reject reason was “No Referral URL" requires a referral URL to be set when the conversion pixel is loaded for all offers with cookie based tracking. Conversions with no referral URL will be set to rejected.
In our code we are using the tag:

Can I Track Organic Conversions?

Organic conversions are conversions fired in the browser by the user that are attributed to a specific affiliate. They way HasOffers is designed is to attribute impressions, clicks, and conversions to an affiliate so they can be compensated accordingly. At this time we do not offer an organic conversion tracking method, however MobileAppTracking can track organic installs.
If you want to track organic conversions, an analytics platform like Google Analytics can help provide this functionality as it can track conversions.

Can I Pass More Than One Advertiser Sub ID On Conversion?

Advertisers can append only one Sub ID to the conversion tracking code, but your affiliates can pass multiple Sub id's (aff_sub, aff_sub2, etc)into the conversion pixel/URL that they can preview on all of the reports.
Affiliates are not able to view the advertiser sub id values in their reports, but the aff_sub values passed on conversion can be viewed by affiliates.

How Can I Remove the "Redirect In 10 Seconds..." Page?

If you see the "Redirect in 10 seconds" page, then this is because you are logged in as an admin user.
When you login to your network you get a cookie set on your tracking domain that notifies the ad server that you are an employee of the network. "You have been identified as an user of the network for XXX." Only employees will see this redirect page. "All regular internet users will not receive this notice." Thus, all other people that are not employees won't see the redirect message and the ad server will automatically redirect them.
If you want to test to see how affiliates and all internet users experience the tracking link, then remove the "app_user" cooking on the tracking domain. This redirect page is so employees can actually see how the ad server makes decisions so that employees can ensure everything is setup and working properly.
Another method is loading the tracking link in a different browser that is not logged into the network.

Does HasOffers Have Post-Impression Tracking?

Post impression tracking, I mean if your software can set the cookie at > impression time (short cookie lifetime) and another one at click time > (longer cookie lifetime)
Not quite -- you can choose to set the cookie either on impression or click, but the lifetime of the cookie will be the same. (You are able to set that cookie lifetime in the main offer settings.)

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