Tiny URLs & SEO Friendly Links

Tiny URLs

Shorten URLs and hide affiliate tracking information by checking the box next to 'Generate Tiny URL'. The tracking link will automatically update with a hashed version of the parameters in the original tracking link. For example, a standard tracking link like:


Will be converted into something like:


If you generate a tiny URL and later add an additional parameter in the generate panel, such as a sub ID, or offer URL, the URL will regenerate to a new URL to encrypt the new parameter:


converts to:


You can also append unencrypted parameters to a tiny URL if you are looking to pass dynamic values into HasOffers. For example, if you want to pass a sub ID on click, you can append that to the end of the encrypted URL:


When generating tiny URLs, please allow several minutes for the tiny URL to be propegated to the ad servers and the tracking link will go live.

When using Tiny URL the link must be less than 500 characters or the destination will be cut off.

The most important part of Search Engine Optimization is link building, which is why it is important to advantage of the abundance of links published by your affiliates. HasOffers SEO Friendly Tracking Links allows affiliate links to pass "link juice” on to the network, giving the tracking links real weight in the search engines and greatly improving your search rankings.

Once SEO Friendly links are enabled, all tracking links are abbreviated in a tiny URL format. This link then 301 redirects to the offer URL listed in the offer settings. The 301 identifier communicates to search engines that the page found at the affiliate URL has been permanently forwarded to the offer URL. This method of redirection is the only way to preserve the recognition of backlinks for improving search engine rankings. Remember to encourage affiliates to display their tracking links using keywords in the anchor text to enhance the SEO impact of each link.

A custom tracking domain is required for enabling SEO Friendly Tracking Links. Once your network has set up a custom tracking domain, enable SEO friendly Links by going to the Settings panel in the offer and click ‘Edit’. There, you can set the ‘SEO Friendly Links’ setting to Enabled and save. With this setting, all your affiliate tracking links for this offer will be converted to hashed URLs.

By enabling the SEO Friendly feature, you will no longer be able to redirect offers to any page other than the intended landing page. For this reason, geo-targeting, browser targeting, and conversion caps are disabled for that offer.

If you are looking to trace back what hashed URLs point to, you can view all previously created tiny URLs by going to Offers > Tiny URLs. This list will show all the hashed values and the value that it is encrypting:

To quickly find the redirect string, select ‘Hash’ from the search dropdown and paste in the hashed value from the URL. This will return the redirect quickly as reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

I Generated a Tiny URL, Why Is It Not Redirecting?

If you created an offer and tracking links you generate do not work, then there could be two issues:

  1. It takes up to two minutes for new offers to be loaded into your ad server. Thus, if you just created a new offer it can take a few minutes before it is loaded in the ad server. If they haven't been loaded into the ad server, then tracking link won't work.
  2. If you have geo-targeting specified, then you should check to see if Enforce Geo Targeting is enabled or disabled. If a target country is set and the user is located outside of the target country and the offer isn’t in an offer group and enforce geo targeting is enabled, then the link would die to protect advertisers. If enforce geo-targeting is enabled, the ad server will function restrictively and only allow users in the specified country/region to access the offer. However, if enforce geo-targeting is disabled, then the ad server will forward users outside of the target location. Disabling enforce geo-targeting makes geo-targeting informational.
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