Adding a HTML & Email Creative

Adding a HTML & Email Creative

To add a HTML and email creative, go to Offers > Creative Files and then click Add Creative. Here, you can give the file a name, select either the ‘HTML’ ad type or the ‘Email’ creative type. If you select the HTML ad type, you will then be prompted to enter the dimensions of the ad. You have the option to upload creative assets like images or external stylesheets/page elements. Finally, paste in the the creative code and insert the tracking link macros to their respective spots (see below.) Then insert your asset files where they need to go. Once this is all done, click “Add” at the bottom and the creative will be live.

In HTML, Email, and Text link creatives you are required to append a tracking link macro into the creative code so that the application can dynamically insert the specific publisher tracking link so that when a user clicks on the creative they are redirected and a session is created. The tracking link macro looks like this:

{tracking_link} and {etracking_link}

Most of the time the {tracking_link} macro is used in an anchor tag, where the URL would go. Here is an example of a standard tracking link macro:

When a publisher grabs the code from the offer page, the macro will be converted to a tracking link, like this:

The etracking_link macro will encode the URL so that it can be inserted inline to other URLs, for example it can be used as a click redirect. If you wish to pass on any other values thought the HTML ad code, here are several more macros that can be added as well:

  • {affiliate_id} / {aff_id} - Propagates the affiliate ID
  • {offer_id} - Propagates the offer ID
  • {source} - Propagates source specified in the tracking link
  • {aff_sub} / {aff_sub1} , {aff_sub2}, {aff_sub3}, {aff_sub4}, {aff_sub5} - Propagates affiliate Sub IDs 1-5
  • {creative_id}/{file_id} - Propagates the ID of the selected creative
  • {params} - Propagates custom variables


Adding HTML File Assets

Many times HTML & Email creatives will have multiple assets to style the creative, including background images, external stylesheets, etc. You are linking to these files by using the URLs of where they are hosted in the image tags to stylesheets of the creative. You have two options for adding images and other assets for your HTML & Email creatives:

  1. Host the files with HasOffers by uploading them to our CDN
  2. Host files on your own server

If you want to host the files with HasOffers, uploading them is very quick and easy. Towards the bottom of the upload page, you will see a section called ‘Upload’:

Here you can attach the asset files by clicking ‘Browse’ and selecting the files for this creative. Once the creative has been uploaded, a progress bar will appear that shows the progress of each asset. Once the upload for each file is complete, then you will see a field with the URL the asset has been added to the CDN with:

You want to copy and paste this URL in where the asset is called in the HTML creative. This process needs to be done for all asset files in the creative!

If you are hosting the files elsewhere, then you will use the URL for where they are hosted at. This is the same as the above setup, only the files are hosted outside HasOffers. They will still work correctly in the creative itself regardless if they are hosted in HasOffers or externally.

Tweaks & Enhancements to HTML/Email Creatives

Have Creative Go to Specific Offer URL

First you will need to use an html type creative, this allows us to dynamically populate the tracking link for the affiliate as the destination link on click and to hardcode the URL id onto the link that is populated.

You will create this creative by hovering the offers tab->creative files->Add creative. Select HTML as creative type. Upload all images you have for the creative and upload the html code. For HTML Ads, Email Creatives and Text Links specify the code for the creative. All tracking links should use {tracking_link} to dynamically include the affiliate tracking link in the creative. Use {etracking_link} to include an encoded affiliate tracking link. The code below use the {tracking_link} variable so that when you are viewing an offer and generate creative code for the creative, it will replace {tracking_link} with something like:

The file ID in the link is needed so that clicks can be tied to performance of the creative.

Now to specify the URL in the HTML itself, you will want to add &url_id=URL_ID after {tracking_link) So for example if you wanted to hardcode url ID 6 you would use:


This enables the tracking link to then be generated for an affiliate:

So now when the affiliate grabs the ad code for that creative, it will automatically direct to the specified URL ID.

If you don’t want to add a specific URL to the offer itself, you can append the &url= parameter along with the encoded URL using our website links feature:


Converts to:

Finding the URL's ID

To find a URL Id for a URL you have already added to and offer, first view the offer then scroll down to the URL's panel. Click the manage link and you will be taken to your list of URLs with their IDs.

Hosting Creative Files on 3rd-Party Servers

You can upload them as HTML ad type creatives with HTML code that links to your images externally this way affiliates can still generate an ad tag with tracking link automatically placed. Or you can place the locations in the notes link to them externally but it won’t create an ad tag for affiliates, they will have to add the tracking link manually.

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